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The MiNeco House is available in various designs and specifications tailor made to suit clients budget and requirements.

PRICE VALID 2014-2015


1. MINECO HOUSE 2BR-45B-C Kshs. 956,000/=

2 Bedroom Shared WC


2 MINECO HOUSE 3BR-75B-C Kshs. 1.6m

3 Bedroom One Esuite


3 MINECO HOUSE 4BR-95B-C Kshs. 2.1m inclusive VAT

4 Bedroom 1 Ensuite


4 MINECO HOUSE (Maisonette) 3BR-105T1 Kshs. 3.0m




MiNeco House focus on construction of Low cost/ Affordable housing.

This has been achieved through interlocking blocks and innovative technology.

Our house prices excludes cost of land i.e we build on client land.

We have three type of houses depending on the type of finishes:

  1. Standard house Ceramic tiles floor finishes, IT5 box profile roof cover, Basic wardrobes and kitchen worktops.
  2. Deluxe house Ceramic tiles floor finishes, Stone coat roof cover, Luxurious wardrobes and kitchen worktops.
  3. Custom House These greatly depends on clients choice and taste client pick one of our house design and dictate the finishes. In this option we can package

  • Affordable functional house with very basic finishes like cement screed on all foors, Cloth rails, Kitchen sink and IT5 box profile roof cover.
  • Luxurious house with very high end finishes like wooden parquet on all foors, Luxrurious wardrobes, Imported Kitchen and clay tile roof cover.

4. Bio-digester Our package also includes a Sewer disposal system that anaerobically digest the sewer waste and Kitchen refuse to produce cooking gas.

Electrical and Plumbing all above units are fully installed with electrical points and plumbing fittings.

Before we embark on any project a clear survey is done to establish:

  1. The best foundation design to adopt
  2. Available local materials
  3. The best construction systems and method

Our Main principles are:

  1. Minimum time of construction 45 days for Bungalow & 90 days for Mansion hence reducing overhead and labour expenses. Material prices barely fluctuate within such a short period and inflation is negligible.
  2. Minimum cost of construction This is achieved through use of locally available materials and local community labour. With price range of KES 950,000 to 3,400,000 for 2bedroom bungalow and 4Bedroom mansion respectively.
  3. Minimum labour reqirements our systems are simple and requires less skilled labour and onsite training can be done to local community within hours. Our standardized houses and prefabricated components including interlocking blocks are easy to adopt.
  4. Minimal space usage ensuring most compact functional house design without compromising the standard room space requirements.
  5. Eco-friendly material as a result of construction methods and materials used. Pad foundation requires minimal excavation hence least upset to the natural ground with no dumping or importing. The air void below the suspended slab act as an insulator for the room above. Walls are made of interlocking blocks the blocks are produced using locally available materials; the blocks are cured using water. The hollow interlocking blocks provide an air cavity for insulation and are excellent performers in cold areas. The light steel frame roof reduces percentage of timber used hence saving our forest cover. Waffles on suspended slab act as good sound absorbers and dissipate heat generated during day time. Bio-digester systems ensures recycle of human waste and kitchen refuse while providing a solution for cooking gas.

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